Friday, August 10, 2007

My Favourite Evergreen So Far...

Cockeyed: A Memoir
Written by Ryan Knighton
This is a humorous, but thoughtful, memoir of a young man from British Columbia who is losing his sight. Part coming-of-age story, part travelogue, this book details Ryan Knighton’s adventures from his first driving experiences and relationships with girls to his college days in Vancouver and term teaching English in South Korea.
When most people would wave a red flag, retreat from society and label themselves "disabled", Knighton grabs his blindness by the horns and wrestles it into something comprehendible and manageable. One has to admire a guy who learns to drive, picks up women in a bar, and travels overseas, all while passing as sighted.
This memoir is at times heartwrenching, but overwhelmingly human and hilarious. Particularly funny is the passage where Knighton learns to walk with a white cane. Sound like a bad joke, but trust me- you'll laugh out loud. For more on Knighton's quirky style and fascinating life, check out his website:
So this is my favourite Evergreen so far. I'm reading Still Life right now, and will report back next week.
What's your favourite Evergreen?

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