Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Book Lover's Trivia

Questions (card #347):

CH (Children's Literature) - What type of bird showed Mary Lennox where the rusty key to The Secret Garden was buried?
CL (Classic Literature) - What novel sees ambulance driver Lt. Frederick Henry escaping execution by jumping into the Tagliamento River?
NF (Non-fiction) - What 20th-century trustbuster got the royal treament in Edmund Morris' Theodore Rex?
BC (Book Club) - What Texas town did Woodrow Call and Augustus McCrae meet up in, before starting a cattle drive to Montana?
AU (Author) - Who had already penned Player Piano by the time he became one of Saab's first U.S. dealers?
BB (BookBag) - What comic included the classic stand-up routine "A Place for My Stuff" in his collection of cerebral scat called Braindroppings?

How did you do? See Comments for answers.