Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Book Lover's Trivia

Questions (card #131):

CH (Children's Literature) - What does Admiral Drake send to Mr. Popper from Antarctica, in a classic Richard and Florence Atwater tale?
CL (Classic Literature) - What saga by William Makepeace Thackeray features the clever social climber Becky Sharp?
NF (Non-fiction) - What former managing editor of Time magazine was the first Henry Kissinger biographer to gain access to the diplomat's private papers?
BC (Book Club) - What 1996 Mario Puzo opus features a powerful Mafia leader who wants to go legit?
AU (Author) - What 19-year-old harmonica whiz played Bob Dylan tunes across India, before publishing his first novel, Such a Long Journey?
BB (BookBag) - What bestseller has park ranger Anna Pigeon investigate a possible Klan murder in Mississippi?

How did you do? See Comments for answers.

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